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Service Agreement

All clients of Hair Off The Dog Mobile Grooming must sign this agreement yearly before services rendered.


  • Payment is expected at the time of service. We accept Credit, Check and Cash, but do NOT carry change in the van. Latch-Key clients will be required to keep an active card on file and can indicate preferred gratuity for their service in their file. There is a 4% fee for clients using a card on file. 

  • Clients are required to maintain a schedule of 8 weeks or less to remain on the pre-booked schedule. 

  • Appointments are an estimated arrival window. We do not guarantee specific appointment times and we may arrive anytime within the given window. If we need to move your appointment to a time outside the given window, you will receive a notification.

  • Any pricing given over the phone or by email or new client application is an estimate. Pricing may vary by appointment based on your pet’s coat condition, temperament, or time the groom takes. Pricing quoted does NOT include state sales taxes, stylist gratuity or the 4% fee for Card’s on File. Pricing is subject change, we will try to give notice for price increases when possible. 

  • Price increases will happen yearly beginning in February.



  • 48 hours  notice is required to cancel without a fee. 

  • Less than 48 hours notice will result in a fee of $50 per pet. 

  • All appointments must be confirmed before the appointment time or client will be subject to the appointment being canceled AND cancellation fees. 

  • All same day cancellations are responsible for 50% of the appointment cost and clients will not be rebooked after 3 instances. 

  • No call/No show (no answer/no access) appointments are responsible for 100% of their appointment cost and will not be booked after 2 instances. 

  • All appointments are scheduled by region. If you MUST cancel, we will do our best to get you the soonest appointment in your area, but many times you may need to wait until your next appointment. In this case, there may be additional fees if the dog is not groomed in between. 


  • Please move vehicles prior to the arrival of our mobile van or have an areas designated for us to park. When possible we prefer to park in the street but require a flat surface with enough clearance for a large cargo van. We will not move our vehicle once we have begun the groom. 

  • If there is no designated parking available and paid parking is utilized, this will be added to the final bill.


  • We do not walk the dogs before/after their groom. Please be sure your pet has gone to the bathroom at least 20-30 minute before the groom.

  • We DO give latch-key clients a brief potty break before their groom. 


  • ALL latch-key clients MUST have a valid Card on File in the event they forget to leave payment or cancellation fee applies to your appointment.   

  • We highly recommend crating dogs before latch-key services

  • Pets MUST be in an easily accessible area and all bedroom doors must be closed. 

  • Groomer MUST be able to safely enter and exit the home without the pet attempting to escape, lunge, bite etc.

  • Client is responsible for any damage or injury caused by improperly contained pet

  • We will only look/attempt to capture your pet for 10 minutes, if we can not access the pet after that, we will have to charge a cancellation fee and rescheduled the appointment. 


  • By agreeing to our policies you are agreeing to keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date per local and federal laws and can provide paper work when requested. Bites must be reported, this is for the safety of your our groomers and your pet. 

  • We sanitize thoroughly but can not be liable for any infections conditions such as kennel cough, canine influenza, Parvo etc. 

  • Dogs with known infectious conditions will not be accepted, clients will be liable for damages and van down time if they are found to keep an appointment for a dog with an infection condition. 

  • If there is a contamination we will inform all parties that could be at risk immediately.


  • All pets must be current on flea and tick preventatives. 

  • If a pet is found to have fleas during the grooming, services will be stopped and the pet will be returned. The cost of the full groom will be due as well as a $75 cleaning fee. Clients will not be rebooked after 2 instances. 

  • If a tick is found on the pet we will note the location of the tick and advise owner to seek a veterinarian to have it removed. 


  • By agreeing to our polices you are agreeing that to the best of your knowledge your pet does not have any behavioral issues such as: Biting, snapping, growling, scratching or any form of aggressive behavior towards a human. 

  • Pet owners are responsible for any damage inflicted by their pet to either the salon, stylist or equipment. 

  • Injuries from a dog bite MUST be reported to Animal Control Services. Pet owners are financially responsible for any and all medical bills and treatments if the groomer is injured by their pet. 

  • Any aggressive pets will be returned to their owner immediately and full payment will be due. 


  • It is the pet owners’ responsibility to provide a healthy and groomable pet. Any known preexisting conditions MUST be disclosed prior to grooming. We do NOT groom pets with heart conditions. 

  • Hair Off The Dog Mobile Grooming LLC is not liable for clipper irritation, minor knicks/scratches or skin irritation from grooming. Hair Off The Dog Mobile Grooming LLC is held harmless from damages, loss or claims arising from any known or unknown preexisting condition of my pet. 


  • Dogs with mats (tangles or knots in the hair) that need to be shaved or demoted will present a risk of injury. We are not responsible for injury or irritation due to matting. We will not detangle severely matted dogs, they will be shaved short and owner will be counseled on future coat care. 


  • Photos and/or video may be taken of your pet before, during or after their grooming session for use on Hair Off The Dog Mobile Grooming LLC’s social media pages and other marketing purposes. 


  • I agree that if I have any issues with my pets groom or condition to contact Hair Off The Dog Mobile Grooming LLC within 24 hours of your pets service. 

  • I authorize Hair Off The Dog Mobile Grooming LLC to act as my agent in the event of emergency. If veterinary services, boarding services or transportation services are required I agree to pay any and allots incurred. 

  • I have read and understand my obligations as written in this agreement for the mobile salon services offered by Hair Off The Dog Mobile Grooming LLC. 

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